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Calling all Young Adults!

As of late, golf has been referred to as a "dying sport". We for sure don't like to think that way, but we also can't help but notice that younger golfers have become more sparing. There's no question that the sport of golf appeals to and attracts more of an older crowd, and has always done so. However as the golf enthusiasts that we are, we'd like to try to make it so that, contrary to the sport dying, it remains alive and well! Which is why we'd like to encourage the young bucks, the 20-30 year old golfers, to get out on the course more and more!

Introducing our Young Adult Season Ticket

Golfers 30 or under (at the time of purchase) can cover their greens fees for the entire calendar year for only $400! Young Adult Season Ticket holders can play any day, at any time. This also includes one league, and all of our 9 reciprocals. To put this in perspective, $400 could get you unlimited golf from now until December 31st (ok ok, unlimited golf until the snow sticks), or not even 2/3 of an iPad. Hmm... tough choice. 

Think of all of the benefits of golf. Camaraderie, exercise (especially when walking), vitamin D (when the weather and the sun cooperate), networking opportunities, and basic enjoyment. Sure, you could purchase a 6-month gym membership to complete your fitness goals, or treat yourself to cable television to enjoy all of your favorite TV shows, but nothing compares to all the benefits of the game of golf. 

We'd also like to think that investing in the game now is an investment in your future. Golfing is not as strenuous of a sport as others, so you can continue to play into your 80s, 90s, and even 100s (remember the 103 year old golfer to get a hole in one last year?).

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And just think- if you start in your 20s or 30s, how good you'll be by the time your senior years hit! It's also a great chance to meet new people and establish lasting relationships (and/or friendly rivalries).

Whatever the case may be for why you golf, there's no denying that our Young Adult Season Ticket is an amazing opportunity for golfers 30 and younger to hit the links more often, and continue the great legacy of the game of golf for years to come. 

If you'd like more information on our Young Adult Season Ticket, click here, or call our Pro Shop- 585-343-0860. 




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