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Mystery Vegetables

Today we’re bringing you your daily dose of education on… vegetables. Yes, seriously! 

The basis of this blog topic is well-earned. We’ll explain…

About two-thirds of the weddings we host opt for a vegetable display on the menu.  Although we never specifically say which vegetables will be making an appearance on these veggie trays, it usually is pretty self-explanatory: carrots, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, celery, etc. You know, the staples.

veggie displayNothing out of the ordinary here

Sometimes though, we like to spice it up and throw in some veggies that are not as commonly known. If we had a nickel for everytime a guest has asked us what the following two vegetables are, well… we’d probably be able to retire from the banquet & wedding business. Not really, but you catch our drift!  

Jicama & Rutabaga.

 Jicama = the long, white zig-zagged spears

Jicama is otherwise known as the Mexican yam, turnip, or potato. It is a member of the bean family, although it really does resemble something out of the potato family. The vegetable has a brown exterior skin, and a creamy white inside that is very starchy and crispy. The texture of jicama is much like a raw potato or even a pear, and it has a mildly-sweet, starchy taste. Jicama is most often eaten raw, hence our inclusion of it on our vegetable displays.

rutabaga fries

Rutabega is not-surprisingly a root vegetable, hence it’s name. It can sometimes be called the yellow turnip, due to the interior of the vegetable bring bright yellow in color. Because it is so closely related to other root vegetables like potatoes and carrots, that is often how it is prepared too- mashed or included in soups & stews. Also similarly to potatoes and turnips, it is rarely ever eaten raw, so we cook ours to a semi-soft consistency, slice into spears, and serve it alongside other veggies on an hor d’oeurves display.

So there you have it, an education on rare vegetables! Next time you are at an event or wedding at Terry Hills with a vegetable display, we hope that you’ll try the jicama and rutabaga, and continue passing along the education as to what these unknown but delicious vegetables are!

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