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Office Party Winners!

When this season was first starting out, we tried to think of ways to start it off with a bang.

Golf was easy- our course is always one of the first to dry up after winter (and what a long winter it was), so golfers were flocking to our 9’s to play on some of the best early-April conditions around.

Our Restaurant & Banquet Facility are a little trickier, and usually require a larger window after we open to really get into full swing. We had the realization that since our new clubhouse was built in 2005, we have approached our 10 year anniversary. That alone was enough of an impetus to celebrate, and put some new exciting initiatives into place. That also got us thinking though, that after 10 great years of business, we really do owe it to our amazing customers to give back.

We decided we would run a contest to give away an Office Party.

The response we got was much more than we anticipated. Hundreds of businesses entered to win.

With such an overwhelming response, we couldn’t hold out on everyone and only give away just the one. As part of our 10th anniversary bang, we decided to offer up not just one, but FIVE office parties!

The lucky winners are:

5th Place: Oxbo

4th Place: Crossroads House

3rd Place: Rochester Business Alliance

2nd Place: Milton CAT

And a drumroll please for our 1st Place Grand Prize Winner: College at Brockport Alumni Relations!

Winners will be notified of their parties via email. If you entered our contest and were not chosen as a winner, don’t worry! We still have a way for you to become the office hero:

office stats 1

Again, thank you to all of our entrants and for your interest in Terry Hills! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask or comment below! 

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