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Curing the Winter Woes

The colder it gets, the more the winter blues sets in. As we drag ourselves out of our warm beds upon those early weekday wake-up calls, does the feeling of dragging ever really go away? 
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How can you motivate your employees to stay alert, energetic, and productive during these tiresome, dreary winter months? Get creative! Getting them out of the office every so often may just be the jolt they need to kick the winter work blues. 
Do you have a meeting planned? Try a change of scenery. 2/3 of event planners think that meetings outside of the office are more productive.
Why? It's easy to fall into a rut when we are faced with the same environment day in, day out. Taking your work elsewhere can help your employees re-focus, stay more alert, and execute more efficiently due to the time constraints of your facility rental. 
While you're at it, throw in a light breakfast or lunch. Nothing can make us drag more than an empty stomach. Providing a meal is a fool-proof way to re-energize your staff, while also allowing them to feel rewarded and appreciated for their time. Win-win. 
No large meetings in store for you? Now it's really time to think outside of the box!
It's a no-brainer that usually, employees who feel more appreciated will perform better. So why not really drive that home? Host a happy hour or employee appreciation luncheon. Studies show that businesses with higher employee satisfaction are 70% more profitable!
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Terry Hills would love to help you rally against your winter woes. Our facility is the perfect option- enjoy views of the winter wonderland on our championship course while staying cozy in our breathtaking banquet room.
All of our menu selections are reasonably priced and beyond delicious, so you won't need to dip too much into your budget to plan an effective and enjoyable event. 
Our banquet menus can be found here, but feel free to call 585.343.0642 to speak with our resident expert & banquet manager, Danielle. 

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