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Employee Spotlight: Kelli

Kelli is our Bar Manager. But you already knew that. Or at least you might’ve known if you’ve ever been in for a drink, a wedding, a meal, a banquet of any sort.

Kelli BarManager

That’s because Kelli has been with Terry Hills as long as the banquet facility has been with Terry Hills. When we built the new clubhouse in 2005, Kelli was right there with it, and has loyally stuck by our side (and behind the bar) ever since.

Even if you don’t know her (though many of you do), you’ve most likely heard her. Kelli is the perfect bartender & manager:  friendly, outgoing, organized, and loud :) We’re beyond lucky to have had her for what will be our 12th season.

IMG 1524

So since so many of you love Kelli like we do (even Goldberg^), we thought it was time to share some of the lesser-known facts about her:

Favorite Drink to Make:

Muddled Old-Fashioned. I can pour a perfect draft too J

Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To:

AC/DC was by far was the greatest show! But Tesla is my all-time favorite band, AND I did sing with Bret Michaels on stage. Best day of my life!!

Favorite “Guilty-Pleasure” Food:

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, or anything chocolate (Dark is preferred if anyone wants to bring me a treat)

Spirit Animal?

I guess a Cougar LOL

Best Meal I Cook:

Grilled Cheese – just ask my daughter Bailee


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