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Employee Spotlight: Mandy

Continuing our series on the smiling faces of Terry Hills – we’re on to Mandy.

mandy w jimPictured here with the one and only Jim Kelly, after the 30th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic

Mandy is one of our servers in both the restaurant and banquet facility. She’s been with us for almost two years, so chances are if you’ve ever come in for lunch, dinner, Sunday Brunch, or a private function, she’s been the one to serve you.

In the two short years that she’s been here, she’s moved up the ranks quickly and is now our Lead Trainer, showing new servers the ropes. After all, one of our guests once commented, “Hire more Mandys!”, so it goes to show you how knowledgeable and professional she is. But the compliments don’t just end there… our customers are always raving about her.

So it’s time for you to get to know her a little bit better, besides the obvious: that she’s a great server, and a Dunkin’ coffee addict. 

Favorite Item on the Menu:

I try to stay on a low-carb diet, so it’s awesome that Terry Hills has so many healthy options. I stick with the Greek Chicken Salad, or our new addition to the menu – the Black Bean Burger (on a lettuce wrap if I’m being really good). Both are delicious!

Best Meal You Cook:

When I have the time I love to make meals from scratch. My children love my homemade mac-and-cheese, while my husband’s favorite is either my homemade lasagna or chicken & dumpling stew in the crockpot.

When you’re not at Terry Hills, you are…

Spending time with my little family <3 I love to go camping with my 3 boys & husband. I also enjoy playing co-ed volleyball with my husband, and hitting the gym regularly.

All-time Favorite Movie:

I love movies that can make me laugh. “Super Troopers” is probably my absolute favorite… it never gets old!  

We’d love to hear about your experiences with Mandy! Tell us below: 

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