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Real Wedding: Brittany & Joe

Pinterest has done great things for the world of weddings. Because of Pinterest, we got this. And let us tell you, we loved it.

Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0001

It all started with an amazingly spirited couple, Brittany and Joe. Right off the bat, we could tell we would have so much fun on their wedding day. So, it made sense that this enjoyable, kind, energetic bride and groom would choose professionals like them to work with. We were incredibly lucky to get to work with Deb & Matt Photo. This husband and wife team were warm & professional (not to mention: so cute together!). Their personalities definitely shone through in their photography.

But back to the happy couple.

If this were the Olympic Sport of a Groom's Reaction to Seeing His Bride, Joe would definitely be in medal-contention. Look at the way he broke down into tears when he first saw his bride! 

Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0016

Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0018

And Brittany would win Best Pinterest Recreation for these sprinkle shots. Dying. 

Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0082
Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0081

But seriously, we loved the dramatic warmth radiating off of these shots. This bridge picture is one of our faves (and let us tell you -- we see a LOT). 

For the heat of the summer, we love that they chose a cool royal blue color scheme, and incorporated pops of blue between white petals and touches of greenery. 

Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0022
Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0052
Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0060

Brittany and Joe were just so fun, that not only did they throw sprinkles in the mix (pun intended), they gave the sprinkles a partner in crime: donuts. And not just any donuts... Paula's Donuts. Because what's a donut without sprinkles, anyway?
Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0112

Joe Brittany Joe Brittany 0110

Thank you again to Deb & Matt Photo for these stunning photos, and obviously to Brittany and Joe, for sprinkling Terry Hills with your love (heh)!

  Joe Brittany Reception 2 0304

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