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Employee Spotlight: Our NEW Head Chef!

We've been on somewhat of a radio silence over the last few months. Blogging took the backburner when things like banquets, holiday parties, tradeshows, etc came up. You know, because we're not busy at all ;)

Now we're back and we have someone we'd like you to meet: our new Head Chef, Mike DeVay!

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Preparing our restaurant and banquet facility for a new chef is, luckily, not something we've had to do in over 10 years. Which, in the restaurant industry, is unheard of. Our restaurant and banquet facility had the same Executive Chef since it was built in 2005. We were thankful to have him for so long, sad to see him go, and all the while happy for him as he enters his retirement. 

Thus, we found ourselves beginning the search for a new Head Chef, and were excited to see what this next chapter would bring.

Now, we're thrilled to welcome Chef DeVay to the team!

So thrilled, in fact, we're already diving deep into his secrets... well, kind of. Here's our Meet & Greet session with Chef Mike:

Give us a brief background of your culinary experience:

I've been cooking since I was a little boy, with my grandmother and mother, but actually got my start at my aunt's bakery when I was in my early 20's. It kind of just took off from there and developed into a passion. I've worked in and around Buffalo and Rochester since then, under some pretty reputable chefs. I love to experiment and create dishes out of my comfort zone. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and providing an enjoyable meal to our guests is what motivates me. 

What is your favorite dish to make? Least favorite?

Anything BBQ- ribs, chicken, brisket, etc. 

I hate making casseroles or eating them for that matter

What is the best thing you've ever had to eat at another restaurant? Where was it?

Crab-stuffed Filet Mignon with a garlic butter sauce at Bohn's. Looking back on it now, I don't believe it was actually a filet, but it was delicious.

Okay, enough about food... Favorite Professional Sports Team?

NY Yankees/Denver Broncos

If you could go on any reality/competition show, what would it be?

It's a Japanese game show - MXC (like our version of Wipe Out). 

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