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Employee Spotlight: Kelli

Kelli is our Bar Manager. But you already knew that. Or at least you might’ve known if you’ve ever been in for a drink, a wedding, a meal, a banquet of any sort.

Kelli BarManager

That’s because Kelli has been with Terry Hills as long as the banquet facility has been with Terry Hills. When we built the new clubhouse in 2005, Kelli was right there with it, and has loyally stuck by our side (and behind the bar) ever since.

Even if you don’t know her (though many of you do), you’ve most likely heard her. Kelli is the perfect bartender & manager:  friendly, outgoing, organized, and loud :) We’re beyond lucky to have had her for what will be our 12th season.

IMG 1524

So since so many of you love Kelli like we do (even Goldberg^), we thought it was time to share some of the lesser-known facts about her:

Favorite Drink to Make:

Muddled Old-Fashioned. I can pour a perfect draft too J

Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To:

AC/DC was by far was the greatest show! But Tesla is my all-time favorite band, AND I did sing with Bret Michaels on stage. Best day of my life!!

Favorite “Guilty-Pleasure” Food:

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, or anything chocolate (Dark is preferred if anyone wants to bring me a treat)

Spirit Animal?

I guess a Cougar LOL

Best Meal I Cook:

Grilled Cheese – just ask my daughter Bailee


BTS (Behind the Scenes) of the Wine Dinner

This Wednesday, May 11th prepare to be Wined and Dined. That is, if you are coming to our Taste of Spring Wine Dinner. It’s the fourth installment in our Wine Dinner series, where we’ve paired 5 unique tastings courses with 5 great wines.
taste of spring 1

If you’re a wine lover, than this event is a no-brainer. Even if you’re not huge on wine, the meal itself is worth coming for.  From encrusted Chilean seabass, creamy orzo risotto, baked oysters blue, jerk chicken, jicama watermelon salad, dark chocolate red wine cake, and more, it’s a foodie’s dream.
Photo Oct 07 1 46 17 PM

Photo Oct 07 1 31 57 PM

Photo Oct 07 1 45 20 PM

Sometimes even more fun than the dinner itself, are the preparations. Today we’re here to take you behind the scenes of one of our wine dinners, to learn what really goes into the making of a 5 course wine and food pairing.

1. Brainstorm the menu.

It’s like the age old question: what came first- the chicken or the egg? Same goes here. What comes first – the food or the wines?

Really, it can be either. Letting the dishes dictate the wine is the conventional order, and the way we went about it this time. On the docket is the reversal. Choosing wines first and the food second. That way, you know you are starting with exceptional stand-alone wines, and you can enhance them even more with the right menu.

2. Choose a Theme – Or Not.

Before finalizing the menu, we needed to decide on a theme, or lack thereof. We toyed with the idea of a regionally-focused menu, like an all-Italian meal, or an “Around the World” tasting. The other factor in play is the wines. All reds? All whites? All NYS Wines? In the end, we chose a “Spring” theme: featuring fresh, Spring ingredients & flavors.
Photo Apr 28 3 48 49 PM

Even the dessert went green for Spring

3. Pair Everything.

This is easily, our favorite part. We too, eat our way through 5 courses, and drink our way numerous wines. It’s easy for a robust, dry red to taste like water with the wrong dish. That’s why it’s important to have a wide variety of wines to sample with each course, so that we know we are choosing the best possible pairing. But, a sip here and a sip there add up, so we make sure to drink responsibly (this is part of the work day, afterall).

IMG 7506 1

So much wine, so little time 


Photo Oct 07 1 32 03 PM

Wine Print Outs - it's a very technical process 

4. Wow the Guests.

This one is obvious. You probably know that when you sign on for a 5 course meal, it won’t just be your typical dinner. But we really want to make sure of it. New flavors, unique dishes, complex wines, outstanding service, great company, and relaxing ambiance. Not to mention that since each dinner has its own menu, this truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Photo Oct 07 1 12 20 PM
Photo Oct 07 1 11 44 PM

Are you sold yet? We hope so. Seating for Wednesday night’s Taste of Spring Wine Dinner is very limited , so call 585.343.0642 to reserve a spot! 

Real Wedding: Kelly & Filipe

golf course wedding couple

Kelly & Filipe were such a unique couple, making it that much more fun for us to watch them get married.  

Besides sharing in their love for each other, they shared a love for books. So it only made sense that books became the theme for their wedding. What better ceremony location, for these book-lovers, than a library?

 IMG 8865 1
IMG 8898

Their perfectly-fitting ceremony was followed by a beautifully-planned reception, centered around.. you guessed it, books. And we loved every detail of it. Having seen hundreds upon hundreds of weddings throughout the course of our facility, we were thrilled to see something so new, unique, and specific to the bride and groom.

Part of our love for Kelly and Filipe's wedding was the way their photographer captured it. Glow Weddings captured so much emotion coming from Kelly & Filipe. The photos are stunning in themselves, and absolutely overflowing with happiness. rochester golf course wedding

 We love the photographer's use of the sunlight to make Kelly and Filipe glow, more than they were already were. No wonder she calls herself "Glow" Weddings! 

IMG 005

 Kelly and Filipe had the cutest and most inventive uses of books throughout their reception. 

IMG 016

 A stack of books to accent the cake table, as well as the cutest cake-topper ever: miniature Mr. & Mrs. mugs!

IMG 0342

 Books & Authors as Table Numbers 

We truly enjoyed being able to host Kelly and Filipe's wedding, and looking through their pictures reminds us more and more of that! 

golf course wedding photography

Real Weddings: Justine & Stephen

 batavia winter wedding
When the "feels-like" temperature outside is currently 6 degrees, it's only fitting to feature a winter wedding. Warm yourselves up with these cozy, wintery, and glamorous details from Justine & Stephen's January wedding. 

Justine and Stephen were residing in Alaska when they got engaged, but being from Perry originally brought them back to their western New York roots for their wedding. From Perry to Alaska, the colder climates were old news to them, but also the perfect setting for their big day. 

The detailing from this wedding is flawless. 
batavia winter bouquet
We're obsessed with these wintery, woodsy bouquets. From pine cones, to spruce branches, to dusty miller, to the blue & ivory coloring, these flowers are a winter dream. 
buffalo winter wedding
winter wedding terry hillsIt was January afterall, so the bridesmaids were adorned with matching scarves, and Justine cozied up with a faux-fur shawl. We also love the dusty-blue coloring - perfect for winter. 
rochester winter wedding
rochester country club winter wedding
We're never certain if the golf course will be off-limits during a winter wedding, but Justine & Stephen definitely lucked out. Green fairways in January - almost too good to be true!
buffalo country club winter wedding
Like we said, the detailing from this wedding is incredible. Check out all these perfectly chic winter wedding touches: a hot chocolate bar, homemade ice wine from the parents of the bride for favors, rock candy, wood EVERYWHERE. 
batavia winter wedding cakeAnd this cake. LOVE. His & Hers Boot cake-topper, moose figurines, and the same beautiful woodsy floral elements. 

terry hills wedding receptionJustine and Stephen are glowing for sure, but these photos make them shine even more! Becca Sutherland Photography  is simply a master in the art of capturing stunning photos. Self-described from her Instagram profile as a "Buffalo wedding, lifestyle, and destination photographer that loves cups of tea, foggy days, and my family", she seems like the perfect choice for Justine and Stephen. Cups of tea and foggy days definitely remind us of a cold, winter day, like the day they chose for their wedding. Becca's stylizing of some of the photos to give them a bleached feel really encapsulates the chic, grayish feel of this wedding even more. 

For more information about Becca Sutherland Photography, visit their website or Facebook profile. As always, please let us know how we can help you with your winter wedding or event by calling 343-0642 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Real Wedding: Tami & Francis

golf course wedding couple bataviaTami and Francis were a dream. There was a definite chill in the air from their late-November wedding day, but you would never be able to tell from their photos. Everything about them was so warm, inviting, and magical. 
Tami and Francis were not only lucky enough to get married on a perfect, Fall day, but they were also lucky enough to have Jay Terkel Photography capture their wedding. 
golf course wedding couple terryhills
Jay Terkel Photography is an absolute expert in the field, having been photographing weddings for almost 40 years.  His experience ranges from photographing President Ford, and Rock & Roll legend Chuck Berry, to thousands of weddings, families, high school seniors, pets, and more. Jay's photo journalistic style stems from the beginning of his career as a newspaper photographer, and allows him to capture his couples' true, raw, beautiful, and candid moments. 
Warm, jewel tones like marsala are so well-fitted to our banquet room. This wedding truly encapsulated understated-elegance. 
wedding banquet room batavia
Understated floral bouquets tied in the whites from the satin chair covers, the marsala & wine tones from the sashes, and popped with hints of lavender and yellow. wedding bouquet batavia ny
wedding cake batavia ny
Again, understated elegance came into play with Tami & Francis' cake - choosing a simple but elegant two-tiered cake with floral touches.
wedding reception terryhills batavia
We absolutely loved seeing the newlyweds in their otherwise empty wedding reception room. It truly creates a dramatic, beautiful look for the room as a whole. 
wedding reception batavia nySurrounded by their closest family and friends, Tami & Francis' infectious smiles are by far the best look of the wedding. It's a joy for us to be able to see our couples this happy, all the time. 
Did you love everything you saw here (it's pretty much impossible not to). We're going to sweeten the deal:

Book your wedding at Terry Hills with Jay Terkel Photography and receive $200 off any photography package! Visit Jay Terkel Photography for more info, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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