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Curing the Winter Woes

The colder it gets, the more the winter blues sets in. As we drag ourselves out of our warm beds upon those early weekday wake-up calls, does the feeling of dragging ever really go away? 
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How can you motivate your employees to stay alert, energetic, and productive during these tiresome, dreary winter months? Get creative! Getting them out of the office every so often may just be the jolt they need to kick the winter work blues. 
Do you have a meeting planned? Try a change of scenery. 2/3 of event planners think that meetings outside of the office are more productive.
Why? It's easy to fall into a rut when we are faced with the same environment day in, day out. Taking your work elsewhere can help your employees re-focus, stay more alert, and execute more efficiently due to the time constraints of your facility rental. 
While you're at it, throw in a light breakfast or lunch. Nothing can make us drag more than an empty stomach. Providing a meal is a fool-proof way to re-energize your staff, while also allowing them to feel rewarded and appreciated for their time. Win-win. 
No large meetings in store for you? Now it's really time to think outside of the box!
It's a no-brainer that usually, employees who feel more appreciated will perform better. So why not really drive that home? Host a happy hour or employee appreciation luncheon. Studies show that businesses with higher employee satisfaction are 70% more profitable!
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Terry Hills would love to help you rally against your winter woes. Our facility is the perfect option- enjoy views of the winter wonderland on our championship course while staying cozy in our breathtaking banquet room.
All of our menu selections are reasonably priced and beyond delicious, so you won't need to dip too much into your budget to plan an effective and enjoyable event. 
Our banquet menus can be found here, but feel free to call 585.343.0642 to speak with our resident expert & banquet manager, Danielle. 

From Snowvember to SnowWHENber?

Does anyone else remember last winter around this time? Ok, who am I kidding? We all do. It was miserable.

The snow & cold started mid-November, totaling over 6ft in some areas, and Did. Not. Let. Up.

In fact, I just took a stroll down blogging memory lane, to a post from early February, and sure enough, the temperate was 3 degrees, with a windchill of -13. Ouch.
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So it goes without saying that so far, this winter is #winning.

2014 – breaking records for amount of snowfall, 2015 – breaking records for longest period without measureable snow. Hallelujah.

Obviously at Terry Hills this means we are jumping, no… GOLFING for joy. Weekend temperatures are nearing 60 degrees, and the course is in outstanding shape, especially for it being December 11th.

Thank you for the early Christmas present, Mother Nature!

So if you are planning on getting out on the links this weekend, know that we are right there with ya! Course is looking beautiful, carts are running, and we’re offering a little icing on the cake - Take $1 off your weekend tee time simply by booking it online, here.

(Ps – speaking of taking a stroll down memory lane: Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2014 = 50 degrees and plenty of golf to be played. Let’s go for two years in a row, shall we?)

Employee Spotlight: Greg

With so many great employees to choose from, it was hard to narrow down the list and figure out who to feature next. We thought we’d go with Greg- this season's newest addition to the management team.



Greg has countless years of serving and banqueting experience, including 7 at Terry Hills. He took a few years off while exploring other restaurant opportunities, but he couldn't stay away for long! We were happy to have him back this season, and even happier to have him take on some added responsibilities as he oversees our restaurant and banquet facility. 

Favorite Ice Cream:
Anything with Candy Bar- Heath Bar, Butterfinger, Snickers… just anything yummy, crunchy, & good.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A Giraffe- because they can see a lot of what’s going on around them

Favorite Meal to order out at a restaurant:
I like anything chicken: cordon bleu, chicken parmesan, chicken French etc. I just love chicken.

What’s your favorite meal to order out at a restaurant? Bonus points if you can tell us what your favorite meal to order at Terry Hills is! 

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