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Thank God It's Friday (or that it will be tomorrow). 

Here at Terry Hills, we've really embraced that whole TGIF thing. Let's face it- Friday marks the start of the weekend, so why not celebrate it in every way you possibly can, especially in these summer months! Whether your Fridays are long or short, we're willing to take the heat (pun intended) in order for you to let loose, relax, and enjoy the start of your weekend!
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Take advantage of any & all of our Friday events and you'll definitely be off to a good start:

Friday Quick Lunch Buffet 

Our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet is offered every Friday afternoon, from 11:30am-1:30pm. It originated as a quick & easy option for businessmen and businesswomen to grab a delicious meal over their Friday lunch hour. Whether they wanted to quickly serve themselves & eat, while sitting back and relaxing during the rest of their hour, or eat in a hurry and return to the office in order to make their work day a little shorter, we knew this buffet option would be a big hit with the corporate crowd! It's since turned into a fantastic lunch option for the whole community. Buffets are just so convenient- not only for the sake of time, but in the sense that there's a little something for everyone's tastes. 

Our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet really does offer a little bit of everything: soup, salad, vegetables, potatoes, 2-3 hot chef selected entrees (for example, from past menus: paninis, chicken, beef, etc), and our famous Seafood Stuffed Cod! The best part: it's only $9.95/person! Just think: on a beautiful summer day, you can get out of the stuffy office and take your lunch sitting in the warm breeze on our patio. It doesn't get much better than that!
IMG 1053 resizedPicture yourself here.


Friday Night Fish Fries & Prime Rib

Fish Fry 2
Roast Prime Rib of Beef 

These are truly one of the best kept secrets in Batavia (actually, in all of Genesee County). Again, picture a warm summer night, the spectacular views from our patio (and indoors from our dining room), and a mouthwatering cut of prime rib, or a crispy, flaky fish fry. Our prime rib rivals the best of the best in town- always tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. Our fresh cod is beer battered or breaded and fried to the perfect crispiness. I'm making myself hungry, so let's not even get into all of the other delicious options on our regular menu.

Friday Night Couples League 

If you're like us, and would like Friday night plans, but don't always find yourself with them, why not join our Friday Night Couples League? The term "couples" is a loose one- choose whatever partner you'd like to golf with, whether that be your significant other, or a golf buddy. Then, mark yourself down for some Friday evening golf. The great part about our Friday Night Couples League is how relaxed it is. It is meant to be a fun, social league, without pressure to score your absolute best, or play every single week. If you make other plans on certain Fridays, no problem! If you have an off round, no biggie. This league is designed to be a fun way to kick off the weekend! If you would like more info, visit our website.


What does your typical Friday night look like? 

Memorial Day

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday in a few days, we'd like to first start out by giving thanks and remembrance to those that have lost their lives in the line of duty to our country. Words can never fully express our gratitude to these men & women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
IMG 0519

As a country, in order to remember these members of our country's armed forces, and recognize their bravery and selflessness, we celebrate Memorial Day. In addition to paying respects to fallen service members, Memorial Day typically also marks the official start of summer. For those of us here in WNY where summer can be long in coming, the arrival of Memorial Day is never taken for granted. Even if the weather is (still) not cooperating, the mere thought that summer is on it's way is enough to bring on celebrations, cook-outs, and for us, golf. 

The 3-day weekend over Memorial Day gives golfers plenty of opportunities to get in a round, or two, or three. Meaning for us and them, a crowded course. We know for certain that golfers fare better here, where there are 27-holes to spread out the traffic, as opposed to standard 18-hole courses. However, we'd still like to offer a few pointers to keep in mind for a more enjoyable paced round this busy Memorial Day Weekend:

1. TeeitForward
TeeitForward FINALARTWORK 640x360
In partnership with the PGA, we've introduced the TeeitForward program to our tee boxes. Look for the orange tees, which allow you to move your ball up, hit easier clubs, play faster, and have more fun! 

2. Playing faster doesn't mean rushing

No one wants to be rushed, so simply being ready to play when it's your turn can go a long way! 

3. Continuous Putting

Keep putting until the ball is holed, as long as you are able to do so without interrupting someone's line, or taking too much time to read the line yourself. 

4. Take Your Clubs

Take 2, or 3, clubs with you around the green. You may need to play a different shot than anticipated.

5. Avoid "Caravan" Golf

There is no need for all 4 golfers to gather to watch one player hit their shot. 

6. Drop your Partner

Drop your partner off at their ball, then proceed to yours and prepare to hit. If you hit the shorter ball, let your partner take the cart after getting your clubs. 
slow golfers

If your mind wasn't just made to book a tee time this holiday weekend, here's an extra little nudge....

Book your tee time after 12pm all weekend, and pay only $30 for 18 Holes w/ Cart! The nice part about Memorial Day Weekend not quite falling in the summer season is that summer rates have not yet begun. Which is great news for you- some of the best course conditions of the year, with some of the best prices of the year! Remember to book your tee time as soon as possible.

Hope to see you on the course this weekend. But if not, enjoy your Memorial Day!


Calling all Young Adults!

As of late, golf has been referred to as a "dying sport". We for sure don't like to think that way, but we also can't help but notice that younger golfers have become more sparing. There's no question that the sport of golf appeals to and attracts more of an older crowd, and has always done so. However as the golf enthusiasts that we are, we'd like to try to make it so that, contrary to the sport dying, it remains alive and well! Which is why we'd like to encourage the young bucks, the 20-30 year old golfers, to get out on the course more and more!

Introducing our Young Adult Season Ticket

Golfers 30 or under (at the time of purchase) can cover their greens fees for the entire calendar year for only $400! Young Adult Season Ticket holders can play any day, at any time. This also includes one league, and all of our 9 reciprocals. To put this in perspective, $400 could get you unlimited golf from now until December 31st (ok ok, unlimited golf until the snow sticks), or not even 2/3 of an iPad. Hmm... tough choice. 

Think of all of the benefits of golf. Camaraderie, exercise (especially when walking), vitamin D (when the weather and the sun cooperate), networking opportunities, and basic enjoyment. Sure, you could purchase a 6-month gym membership to complete your fitness goals, or treat yourself to cable television to enjoy all of your favorite TV shows, but nothing compares to all the benefits of the game of golf. 

We'd also like to think that investing in the game now is an investment in your future. Golfing is not as strenuous of a sport as others, so you can continue to play into your 80s, 90s, and even 100s (remember the 103 year old golfer to get a hole in one last year?).

Gus Andreone 6401

And just think- if you start in your 20s or 30s, how good you'll be by the time your senior years hit! It's also a great chance to meet new people and establish lasting relationships (and/or friendly rivalries).

Whatever the case may be for why you golf, there's no denying that our Young Adult Season Ticket is an amazing opportunity for golfers 30 and younger to hit the links more often, and continue the great legacy of the game of golf for years to come. 

If you'd like more information on our Young Adult Season Ticket, click here, or call our Pro Shop- 585-343-0860. 




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