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A Mini History of Mini Golf

Our excitement to reopen the mini golf course in a few short days was what prompted us to write this post. That, and the fact that it is #tbt. 

Our Miniature Golf Course is easily the most elusive part of our business. We’re always fielding questions like “Is it still open?”, and “Do you operate that Mini Golf course or does someone else?” Questions that in theory, shouldn’t be going unanswered if you take into consideration the fact that the Mini Golf course originated in the early 80s. After 35 years of operating it, we’d like to put the questions to rest, and let everyone know our Mini status.

But first, a little history.

When the Rotondos acquired Terry Hills in 1972, they obviously set out to work on the golf course first and foremost. Adding in two more 9-hole courses wasn’t enough work, so they decided to also put in a miniature golf course as well as batting cages around 1980.

color mini golf
ScannedImage 12 1

Right off the bat (get it?!), it was a huge success. The original miniature course was so successful, that the Rotondos decided to revamp it just two years later. Around 1982, they scrapped the original, very basic course, and brought it more to life. The new 18-hole mini course had all of the elaborate features that you’re familiar with: ramps, bridges, water traps & fountains, tunnels, and more. This new course, along with the batting cages, was extremely popular among families in the area.
ScannedImage 45ScannedImage 44 1

When it was shiny & new, it was easy to keep looking great, but the original owner of Terry Hills, Mr. Joe Rotondo, took that to the next level. He was constantly up at mini golf, tending to the flower beds, and hand-detailing all of the landscaping. At first glance, it could have doubled as a mini golf course and a botanical garden. Unfortunately, since his passing, we’ve yet to find anyone with as much of a green thumb or passion for gardening as he had.

As did the economy, our Mini Golf course took a little bit of a slump. The batting cages were more work than anticipated, so when we built the new clubhouse in 2005 and needed more parking spaces, they were the first to go. Without the beautiful flowers, we’re not sure if the mini course lost its luster, or if certain rising technologies drove families away from activities like mini golf, and more to activities like going to the movies, playing video and computer games, and so on. Whatever the case may be, we decided that this year we will work towards reviving the course.

Our major project on the miniature golf course this year has been to put down brand new putting greens. It both aesthetically and functionally has made such a change in the course, and brought it back to life. However, due to this project taking longer than anticipated, our opening date has been on a bit of a TBD-basis. The middle of June is our opening date goal!

Another feature that we hope can bring the mini golf back full circle is promoting it in area-wide community efforts! Our Mini Golf is a part of two Chamber of Commerce initiatives, as well as a local school’s summer reading initiative. In addition, we are celebrating our renovated mini golf course this Father’s Day, by allowing Dads to play for FREE! Stay tuned for more news about the reopening of the mini course, and our other summertime specials! 
mini golf cropped

Dishing Out Lunch, Dinner, and about our Banquet Manager

The long wait is finally over. Our Restaurant reopens on Monday, April 20th! It’s been a quiet, lonely few months without the operation of our restaurant, so we’re excited to once again serve you all the paninis, beef on wecks, fish fries, and whatever else your stomach desires! Mine is currently screaming Eggplant Parmesan Flatbread: breaded eggplant topped with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, Asiago and Romano cheeses served in a grilled flatbread... but I digress.


In the anticipation of our restaurant waking from its hibernation, we thought there would be no better employee to feature than the woman behind it all- our Restaurant & Banquet Manager: Danielle.

Danielle has worked in the golf course and restaurant business for over 17 years. She earned her business degree in Golf Club Management from SUNY Delhi and has been a Board Member of the Western New York Ladies Public Links for the past 7 years. She is a 2008 graduate of Leadership Genesee. Danielle oversees daily operations of the restaurant and coordinates banquets, parties, weddings and functions at our banquet facility… in other words: she does it all! And we’re not just talking Restaurant and Banquet Facility- Danielle is no stranger to the golf course either. 

She holds our 2013 and 2014 Ladies’ Club Championship titles, and our 2014 Women’s Match Play title! If you’re still not convinced that Danielle is the master of all trades, just take a peek at (virtually) any review ever written about Terry Hills. Here’s only a snippet of what our customers are saying about our Restaurant & Banquet Manager:

Danielle helped us out with the planning of almost our entire wedding and was a superstar the day of the event!”

Danielle coordinated the day of our dreams and we couldn't appreciate her incredible work any more!”

Danielle, I sincerely thank you for the perfect day. You’re amazing”
10630708 10203587684990794 166677952438332087 o

See? If you weren’t going to take my word for it… there you have it- superstar! Booking your private event at Terry Hills ensures you’ll have an expert Event Planner helping you along the way! And just in case all of the above information wasn’t enough for you to get to know Danielle (plus, so many of you already do); we quizzed her a bit more on the important stuff:

Best meal you’ve ever made: Does a bowl of cereal count?

Favorite Food at Terry Hills:  Lunch: Pittsburgh Salad,   Dinner: Chicken Marilee

Least favorite or most challenging hole:  Hole 14 (Par 3, 147 yards)- Can’t hit a straight shot!

If you could travel to one destination, what would it be?  Ireland

Wine & Cheese or Beer & Pizza? Scotch & Chocolate! Or Wine & Cheese

(Speaking of Wine & Cheese- who is coming to our Spring Wine Dinner on May 7th?)

Favorite memory from your time at Terry Hills: Demolition Day  - October 2004 -  Taking the first swing with the backhoe through the old restaurant

27934 615153971518 791317372 n

Crazy to see all that has changed over 10 short years, and excited to bring you even more fun changes this year! In addition to our Wine Dinner series, we'll have contests & giveaways, Patio Happy Hours, and more! 

Hope to see you Monday! 

Employee Spotlight: Blog Author

Every so often, we will be featuring one of our employees. We'd like for you to get to know them as well as we do. With our Restaurant and Golf Course currently closed however, the employee pickings were slim. 

So, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to author of the Terry Hills blog, Darcy. Now that we've been properly introduced, can I stop talking as a "we"? 

I am the Director of Marketing here at Terry Hills. I'm approaching my one year anniversary, and can't believe an entire year has gone by already.  Working for a seasonal business, you really come to understand the definition of that term. Seasonal Business: noun: A business that only operates during specific seasons, in which the operational seasons are so busy you can't think. Ok, so that's not the technical definition, but you get my point. When I first started, the Terry Hills veterans told me to hold on for the ride, and they were right! Summer and Fall flew by, and now here we are... Winter. I'm loving that with the day-to-day calmed down, I now have some time to exercise my creativity across various marketing projects, including this blog!

A little background on me: I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a minor in Graphics Production. I'm willing to tell everyone and anyone that fact about me because I have very strong pride as a Geneseo alumna. I started out in the workforce with a career in Sales & Marketing, followed by a stint as a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Dave, is a CPA and my son, Harrison, is a 2-year-old little ball of joy, curiosity, and the word "no". We live in the town of LeRoy, watch a lot of Mickey Mouse, and try to incorporate our deep-fryer in as many meals as possible.

IMG 6785

As the Director of Marketing, my job involves wearing a lot of hats- Webmaster, Social Media Coordinator, Event Planner, Graphic Designer, Account Manager, Donations Coordinator, etc and I love them all! I really enjoy the creativity my position allows me, from designing marketing materials and advertisements, to crafting up new events, to creating fun content for our social media profiles, to writing blog posts (that's the obvious one) and more!  Add in the fact that we are also a Banquet Facility and Restaurant and my hat line continues: Reservations Coordinator, Floor Manager, Banquet Server, and that list goes on too. It helps that I have 10 years of restaurant experience under my belt, working as a server and barista throughout high school and college, so when I am occasionally called upon to carry a tray full of dinner plates, it is just like riding a bike.  

A hat I don't wear, but wish I did: Golfer. It's not that I don't like golfing; it's that I just never have. I have taken a swing at the ball here and there, and regardless of my whiff rate of at least 50%, I actually enjoy the game when I do get out to play. Some of you will probably cringe at the fact that I have this amazing 27-hole championship course at my fingertips, and I've only played it once. What can I say? Between my skill level of zero, intimidation of those Par 5's (and Par 4's... who am I kidding?), and my lack of free time (much like the rest of us), this past golf season did not include very much golf at all. One of my job resolutions for 2015: get out on the course more than once! Here's hoping we get that chance sooner than later. Come on Spring!

Were you able to get out on our course as much as you liked last season, or like me, not nearly enough?


Employee Spotlight: Casey

Many of you probably already know today’s featured employee- our Head Golf Professional, Casey. This is a golf course, afterall.


A little background on Casey: Casey is a graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program at Penn State University with additional minors in business and economics. Prior to graduating, he completed internships in Chicago, New Jersey, and Las Vegas. He’s also a certified class A member of the Professional Golfers Association of America and oversees all special events, tournaments, and daily golf operations here at Terry Hills. His total involvement with the business: over 12 years!

ScannedImage 47

If you’ve ever golfed a round, played in a tournament here, or were passing by, you’ve probably run into Casey. He’s the face of our golf and we’re lucky to have such an experienced Pro.

You may think you know him, but we took it upon ourselves to help you get to know him even better.

Favorite Hole to play at Terry Hills:
#9 (Par 5, 504 yards)- It’s unique and challenging.

If you had to pick one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Spicy Chicken Fingers

Favorite brand of golf shirt:

What are you looking forward to for the 2015 Golf Season?
Playing golf, of course!

IMG 1927

What is your favorite hole to play at Terry Hills?

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! However you plan to celebrate our nation’s independence, and a long summer weekend, make sure you think of Terry Hills.


We do realize that for all intents and purposes, the holiday will be acknowledged on July 3rd, since the 4th is a Saturday. With banks, government offices, and business of all types being closed on the 3rd, we didn’t want to disappoint. Come celebrate your day off with us and golf on July 3rd, and pay normal weekday rates for your round! Unlike other courses taking advantage of the holiday being considered the 3rdand hiking up their rates, we wanted to help celebrate the right way- with perfect golf conditions and low rates!

That’s not even all of it. Can’t make it out on the course Friday? We’ll be running specials for both Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th, too! Play 18 holes after 11:30am either day for only $35! You can’t beat that deal on a holiday weekend!


Like our golf course, we did not want to disappoint when it came to the restaurant either. For certain government holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, we do close the restaurant. But we thought it would be nice for our customers to come enjoy a beautiful summer day off by dining on our patio. So we’ll still be offering our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet, from 11:30am-1:30pm, as well as our Friday night dinner specialties: mouth-watering Prime Rib, and Beer Battered fresh Fish Fries. Leave the cook-outs for the weekend, and let us do the cooking Friday.
Mini Golf

Let’s not forget the Mini Golf! The mini course is now open and better than ever- with brand new putting greens!

IMG 8727

If you are looking for a fun activity for the whole family over the holiday weekend, and don’t want to break the bank, Mini Golf is perfect! Bring the whole family for 18 holes of affordable fun!

With the long weekend, you could very well be traveling, so we wish you a great weekend and safe travels! But if you are sticking around this 4th of July, we hope to see you! 
cartoon fireworksOh, and enjoy the Fireworks!

Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic Recap - Part 1

In case you hadn’t heard amidst the social media & news explosion, Monday was the 29th Annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic, held here at yours truly, Terry Hills. And in case you couldn’t guess, it’s easily our biggest event of the year. With 300 golfers alone, plus countless volunteers, staff, & media, let’s just say it’s nothing short of crazy. This year, I guess everyone wanted set the precedent for the tournament to really explode, so they invited the entire Buffalo Bills franchise, players & coaches, to attend as well.
IMG 5292

 I think I’m getting ahead of myself though. Before we can dive into the madness & excitement of the day itself, we have to first get into how we even go about setting up the course and the facility for an event with over 400 attendees. Granted, I’m not even close to the one responsible for everything. You’re hearing this from the perspective of Terry Hills’ Director of Marketing, who believe it or not, takes a very backseat role in the production of the tournament. Aside from Jim Kelly himself (and his amazing staff), who obviously without, there would be no tournament in the first place, there’s a few key Terry Hills’ players (pun intended?) that allow this event to happen.

Our Superintendent, Thad, is in my opinion, one of the major celebrities of the day. Especially this year. And I quote, “I put in 36 hours the past three days” leading up to the tournament, getting the course in PRIME shape. That in itself is no small task on a regular day. This year, Mother Nature decided to play a little joke on us, knowing that the event was set to be bigger than ever with the inclusion of the Buffalo Bills. It down poured the entire day leading up to the tournament. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day, like maybe not a day surrounding our biggest event of the year.

Thad once again proved his golf course superintendent super-stardom. Despite the 36-hours of straight rainfall (it seemed like), the course was inevitably wet, but completely still playable. Considering my backyard was 50% underwater and flooded, I was truly amazed that the course remained as functional as it did. Might I just add that not only were we faced with a LOT of rain this year, but my personal favorite weather of all time: cold rain. Temps in the 40s and low 50s graced us for the tournament, so it was nothing short of a true Western New York weather experience- wearing gloves, hats, and boots on the first day of June.  

For example....

As always, our Head Golf Pro, Casey, and Restaurant & Banquet Manager, Danielle, put in countless hours to get this tournament underway as well. Simply because I can't even begin to fathom ALL of what they do to plan, organize, and execute the day, I will leave it at: they too are superstars. Really. They've both been organizing this tournament for so many years, that they almost make it look easy. How you make something of this magnitude look easy is beyond me. And let’s not leave out Gene, our Executive Chef. As someone who cannot cook to save my life, I cannot imagine readying breakfast AND dinner for over 300 people. Heck, I struggle readying meals for my small family of 3. So truly I am amazed at how effortlessly, it seems, that Gene and the kitchen staff are able to prepare that much food.

So the rain also threw a wrench in the plans for Casey, Danielle, and Gene as well. Normally, as one would expect from a summer day in June, being outside is not only no biggie, but it's preferable. Because our banquet room only seats 200 people, we normally utilize our outdoor patio for extra seating and space. Which works out perfectly, because as previously stated, who doesn't want to be outside on a beautiful summer day? Well, that beautiful summer day is not even close to what we got. So what we did get was a bit of a scramble trying to rearrange the seating & food set up to accommodate Mother Nature's little hiccup. Again, because I can't stress enough, Terry Hills management and staff are just that good, and made it happen like it was nothing. 

So after that extremely brief, and I mean extremely, brief summary of how Terry Hills preps for the big day of the Kelly tournament, I’m sure you are more than ready to hear about the juicy stuff. As in, the celebrities. And the Buffalo Bills.

That part is coming. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic recap (including the appearance of celebrities with a selfie stick)!  

Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic Recap - Part 2

A “Kelly Stick” Diary 

Thank you to everyone who was patient enough to read through my behind the scenes, Part 1 recap of the 29th Annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic. I thought it was worth noting that this year’s tournament and preparations were already on overhaul due to the 1st time appearance of the entire Buffalo Bills organization, but that on top of that- there was rain. And a lot of it.

So despite the horrendous conditions, the tournament went on. Hmmm, where do I begin.

It was business as usual when I arrived at Terry Hills around 8am. The tents were up, signs were hung, volunteers and staff were getting ready. There was definitely less hustle and bustle than usual, but I will attribute that to the weather. No one wanted to be outside more than they had to. Normally we get most of the golfers & plenty of media waiting around hours before the scheduled shotgun to catch glimpses of the celebrities, and take their turns meeting & greeting. Not so much this year.
IMG 8224

It’s exactly like the calm before the storm in the hour leading up to when the Bills and celebrities were scheduled to arrive. The plan was for the Bills busses and the celebrity busses to arrive at the same time, so as one could imagine, “the calm before the storm” sums it up to a tee. By the way- I love inserting golf puns when I can.

When that did happen, it was a free for all. Being my second year working the tournament, I decided to enlist some help, and I also decided to have some fun with it. But first things first. I’m essentially still a newbie, but I knew that with Jim Kelly being in good health and returning to run things this year, and with the addition of the Bills, it would inevitably be a bigger and more eventful year than ever? Well, at least bigger than my only other year working it last year. Thus, I wanted to have an extra set (or two) of hands to help me capture & document the day. My two assistants were our Staff Accountant, Julie, and my husband, Dave.

I put Julie to work snapping every possible photo she could, and she did not disappoint. Over 300 pictures from her alone created quite the photo album. Dave had dual-purposes: first and foremost, to be my informant. Truth be told, I am not a Bills fan. My allegiance is to the Indianapolis Colts, and even so, I don’t follow the NFL nearly as closely as my hubby does. So having him with me to point out some of who’s who was crucial. Should I be embarrassed to say I wouldn’t have probably recognized LeSean McCoy on my own? His second task was to be a secondary photographer & videographer- for example, capturing the time-lapse video of the shotgun. Needless to say, with all the commotion, I would have failed miserably without the two of them.
IMG 5378Proof.

IMG 5351Capturing this moment of Chris Berman patting Danielle's hair was pretty on point.

So where does that leave me you might ask? I was lucky that I had two “assistants” to take general photos and videos of the event, because my fingers were busy live-tweeting and instagramming. The rain made that job especially fun, because in-between tweets I had to either break to wipe my phone off from the rain droplets, or run inside to tweet them, and run back out so that I wouldn’t miss more of the action.

twitter feed

On top of simply tweeting out photos of different celebrities and Bills players, this year was also the 1st appearance of a Long-Drive Contest off Hole 1. It definitely made for an interesting show ,that I was responsible for capturing in 15-second or less videos to post to Instagram & Twitter. Very fun to watch the golf prowess of an assortment of celebrities: from Rex Ryan, to Andre Reed, to Ickey Woods, and others. Some looked like golf professionals (on top of NFL professionals), while others completely whiffed. Not to mention any names… Boobie Dixon.

My fun segment of the day was the appearance of the selfie stick, which I like to call the “Kelly Stick”. At first I was a little nervous and embarrassed, honestly, to go up to these major household names and whip out a selfie stick. And while some of them did kind of give me that reaction, like “ugh really, a selfie stick…” (to which I can’t even blame them, because that too was my thought on the device prior to this event), others were coming up to mewanting to use it. I was approached numerous times with the question, “Is that a selfie stick?”

To my surprise, the selfie stick was actually a lot of fun, and more of a conversation starter than I imagined. Here’s just a few of the selfie stick shots I got from the day (because I’m sure you don’t want to look at endless photos of my mug):

IMG 8414IMG 8395IMG 8441


In addition to more selfie stick shots, we have our entire photo album from the day up on our website, here. And as previously mentioned, videos and more photos from the event can be found on our Twitter & Instagram pages. 

Want to know more or have any questions? Comment below! 

March Madness

It's our very own March Madness here at Terry Hills. With our Restaurant re-opening in a little over a month, and hopefully the course sooner than that, we are in crunch time. The term March Madness doesn't only apply to the NCAA basketball tournament...

This month, we are working on and fine-tuning some developments that will make our 2015 Season a great one:

  • New & Improved Communications

We want to be able to keep you in the loop about course updates and events, but even more so, we want to be able to keep you in the loop about what you're most interested in... golf specials & restaurant deals. So, we're adding to our Social Media repetiore to make it even easier for you to access us on your favorite social media outlet. In addition to our existing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google+ profiles, we'll be posting to Instagram and LinkedIn. Want to be one of the first to know about tee time specials, gift card giveaways, special events, freebies, and more? Then follow us! Choose from FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Google+, and/or Instagram. Hey, we'll even kick it off right now with our Spring Sale:

Buy 75 in Gift Cards 1

We are also excited about adding in some new communication technologies (yet to be announced) so stay tuned! 

  • Video Series

Talk about another form of social media: video. This season we'll be giving you a behind the scenes look at Terry Hills through our video series. From golf tips with our Head Golf Pro, to behind the scenes views of our kitchen, to a full scale look at our banquets & weddings, we want to bridge the gap from you to us. We thought it would be fun, informative, and interesting to let you come upclose and personal. Check out our Youtube Channel now! 

  • Restaurant Grand Re-Opening

With the restaurant reopening looming over us, we're constantly thinking of ways to make this grand reopening "grander" than ever! Stay tuned for news about our specials and news! 


In the true spirit of March Madness, we'll try to cut this post short so that we can get back to work on all of the above. We are truly looking forward to sharing a great 2015 season with you, and hope that you'll enjoy all of our efforts to do so! 

March Madness 2014

Speaking of March Madness: what team is your pick to take the title? 


May Course Update

It’s now mid-May, which means the course has been back in action for a little over a month. As the grounds crew is gearing up for a heavy Tournament season (our first was Tuesday!), there’s been a lot of activity. Obviously, there’s the daily maintenance like mowing greens, mowing rough, changing cups, raking bunkers, filling divots on tees and collecting garbage. We’ve also had to tackle some larger jobs thus far:

1. Tree Removal

Since the start of this season, we’ve removed approximately 70 trees. With the stumps ground, these vacant areas are now seeded and ready to grow grass. The major impetus for all this tree removal was overcrowding on the course. These select spots of turf needed more sunlight and air movement.
IMG 8084IMG 8085
Crazy to think that the 70 removed trees won’t really even make a dent on our total tree count! Don’t worry- those traditional tree-lined fairways you love so much will not be affected.

2. Irrigation

Just last week, Thad made two major breaks to the irrigation line in the middle of 2nd fairway, shown below:


Take a look at the 2nd fairway now, only a week later, and you wouldn't even be able to tell where the digging had occurred! Seriously, we'd bet on it! 

3. Bunkers

The bunkers are more of an ongoing project for the 2015 season, not something we’ve tackled yet. However, it’s been a little bit since the bunkers have received some serious TLC, so that’s on the horizon for us. Adding sand, and evaluating each bunker individually to address their maintenance needs will really go a long way into getting our bunkers, and the course as a whole, into tip-top shape. 

If you're in agreement that Thad and his crew have been hard at work in order to make our playing conditions exceptional, then please take a second to vote for us in the BuffaloGolfer.com poll for Best Public Course in WNY: http://wp.me/p20nYT-34L. We really appreciate it! 



Memorial Day

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday in a few days, we'd like to first start out by giving thanks and remembrance to those that have lost their lives in the line of duty to our country. Words can never fully express our gratitude to these men & women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
IMG 0519

As a country, in order to remember these members of our country's armed forces, and recognize their bravery and selflessness, we celebrate Memorial Day. In addition to paying respects to fallen service members, Memorial Day typically also marks the official start of summer. For those of us here in WNY where summer can be long in coming, the arrival of Memorial Day is never taken for granted. Even if the weather is (still) not cooperating, the mere thought that summer is on it's way is enough to bring on celebrations, cook-outs, and for us, golf. 

The 3-day weekend over Memorial Day gives golfers plenty of opportunities to get in a round, or two, or three. Meaning for us and them, a crowded course. We know for certain that golfers fare better here, where there are 27-holes to spread out the traffic, as opposed to standard 18-hole courses. However, we'd still like to offer a few pointers to keep in mind for a more enjoyable paced round this busy Memorial Day Weekend:

1. TeeitForward
TeeitForward FINALARTWORK 640x360
In partnership with the PGA, we've introduced the TeeitForward program to our tee boxes. Look for the orange tees, which allow you to move your ball up, hit easier clubs, play faster, and have more fun! 

2. Playing faster doesn't mean rushing

No one wants to be rushed, so simply being ready to play when it's your turn can go a long way! 

3. Continuous Putting

Keep putting until the ball is holed, as long as you are able to do so without interrupting someone's line, or taking too much time to read the line yourself. 

4. Take Your Clubs

Take 2, or 3, clubs with you around the green. You may need to play a different shot than anticipated.

5. Avoid "Caravan" Golf

There is no need for all 4 golfers to gather to watch one player hit their shot. 

6. Drop your Partner

Drop your partner off at their ball, then proceed to yours and prepare to hit. If you hit the shorter ball, let your partner take the cart after getting your clubs. 
slow golfers

If your mind wasn't just made to book a tee time this holiday weekend, here's an extra little nudge....

Book your tee time after 12pm all weekend, and pay only $30 for 18 Holes w/ Cart! The nice part about Memorial Day Weekend not quite falling in the summer season is that summer rates have not yet begun. Which is great news for you- some of the best course conditions of the year, with some of the best prices of the year! Remember to book your tee time as soon as possible.

Hope to see you on the course this weekend. But if not, enjoy your Memorial Day!


Superintendent Spotlight and Course News (that you've been waiting for)

We thought it was appropriate to introduce you to our Superintendent on the eve of the first nice weather of the year. Say hello to our course Superintendent, Thad. He’s the main reason why we’re able to claim our public course has “Country Club conditions”. We often hear that our course is the first to dry up after a major rainfall, or unfortunately, after winters like these. Of course it’s all true, with all the credit going to Thad and his grounds crew.

Thad graduated from the Turf Management Program at SUNY Delhi and has been employed in the golf course industry since 1989. He is a member of the New York State Turfgrass Association and has been an active member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) for over 14 years. He is also a board member of the Western New York Golf Course Superintendent's Association (WNYGCSA). Thad is responsible for all phases of Golf Management and Agronomic operations, cost control, and grounds crew personnel. Thad is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Genesee.

Thad was also a cornerstone participant in this past November's #NoShaveTerryHills campaign. We had fun watching him itch his way through the month, growing out both his beard and his hair for charity!

IMG 6442This November, we're adding in a twist where our fans can vote for which look stays: #baldThad or #hairyThad. 

Only kidding. 

Enough with the boring details, here’s a little fun insight on him:

Favorite Hole to play at Terry Hills?

16 – it’s the hardest par 4 on the course.

Outside of golf, what is your favorite hobby?



Vanilla or Chocolate? Burger or Hot Dog?

Neither vanilla nor chocolate, don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I’ll take a burger anytime.

Celebrity you dislike most:

Kim Kardashian

Biggest challenge you face for the upcoming season?

Providing conditions that everyone expects

Thad says he’s poised and ready to go working on golf course accessories, and getting the course into playable condition. For those of you reading this hoping for an update on the course’s status, thanks for sticking through til the end!

We'll be open Friday, April 3rd for Walking Only! Past that, it's TBD. Don't you just love WNY weather? Close to 70 degrees one day, two days later a snow storm. We will be sure to keep you posted in more ways than one what the status of the course is, and when we'll be open past this weekend! Tee times are filling up quickly for Friday, so make yours before you miss it.

Finally, if you're ever curious about what goes on behind the scenes with our Maintenance Department, follow @terryhillsmaint or @terryhillsny on Twitter! Thad tweets (and we retweet) some great shots of himself knee deep in water, and other various tasks required of him to maintain the course. For example, here's a look at our famous horseshoe hole 14 from the eyes of the Superintendent: 


Pumping to clear snow and ice


Fishing balls out, what else? 


In all seriousness, #baldThad or #hairyThad? 

Superintendent Turned Scholar: #GIS16

The last couple weeks have been eventful for us. Not because of our on-premise events, considering the course & restaurant are closed for the season; but because 3 of our management team were out-of-state for educational conferences! Our Banquet Manager, Danielle, and Director of Marketing, Darcy, got the 4-1-1 on all things weddings at the 2016 WeddingWire World Conference in Washington, DC (if you missed the recap of their trip, click here). Our Superintendent, Thad, flew to the opposite side of the country, not only to escape the zub-zero temperatures, but for a scholarship he recently won!  
Our Superintedent, Thad, was awarded a scholarship by the National Golf Course Superintendents Association to attend the annual Melrose Leadership Academy in San Diego. Obviously he won the weather lottery with 80 degree temperatures and endless sun, but he also won the conference lottery. Winning the scholarship meant an all-expenses paid trip to California plus extensive education tailored to golf course superintendents.  
gcsaa pic The 2016 Class of the Melrose Leadership Academy. Of course our very own is the only one hiding (blue shirt, bald head, second row from the top).
As a golf course superintendent, you are required to attend annual continuing education seminars (at least in the State of New York). These seminars allow superintendents to keep their certifications in certain areas, like for example- pesticide usage. So while extremely useful, they cover the same topics year-to-year. For Thad, the Melrose Leadership Academy was an incredible opportunity to broaded his horizons, and learn about topics that aren't often touched upon. Some of the Melrose educational sessions lasted up to 4 hours, but he never once found himself losing interest. 
The Melrose Leadership Academy also coincided with #GIS2016 - the world's largest Golf Industry Show. So on top of a week's worth of educational seminars for superintendents, there were also hundreds upon hundreds of golf industry vendors. The show spanned 250,000 sq. ft, which would be a lot for any person to cover, and especially for Thad who hadn't been to the show in over 20 years. From the latest equipment, to the newest technologies, to turf expertise, to facility services, there was plenty to learn. 

gcsaa snake
Thad (in blue) checking out the Trimax Snake (industry-leading mower dedicated to golf courses)
For more about the Melrose Leadership Academy, GCSAA, or GIS, click here
Have any questions for Thad about what he learned at the conference? Email them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or follow him on Twitter, @terryhillsmaint

Winning Buffalo-Niagara's Best Public Course!

Terry Hills Golf Course Wins Top Honor

FOR RELEASE June 17, 2015

Batavia, NY –Terry Hills Golf Course was just named the Best Public Golf Course in Buffalo-Niagara by buffalogolfer.com viewers. Terry Hills beat out 24 other public courses, spanning from Genesee, Wyoming, Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua counties to take home the top honor. Well over 800 golfers voted, with Terry Hills securing 148 votes, or 17% overall.

Terry Hills Golf Course is well-known in the area for being a first-class public course. The 27-hole complex which is home to the Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic, already boasts honors like a 4-Star Rating by Golf Digest. However, this new award brings Terry Hills and it’s hometown of Batavia to a higher standing regionally.

With 3 out of the top 5 placing courses located in the Greater-Buffalo area, it is no surprise that the city of Buffalo is home to its fair share of championship public golf courses. Willowbrook Golf Course, located in Lockport, took home the title of Runner-Up, while Sheridan Park Golf Club of Tonawanda and Seneca Hickory Stick Golf Course of Lewiston helped to round out the Top 5. However, the 1st-place finishing Terry Hills helps to give Buffalo a run for their money.

Never before had Terry Hills ranked number one among other public golf courses in such a wide cross-section of Western New York. This new honor may help bring golfers from the Buffalo-Niagara region out to Terry Hills and Batavia alike.

To see the rest of the poll standings, visit http://buffalogolfer.com/wordpress/best-public-course-of-2015-as-voted-by-you-is/.

In addition to the premier golf course, Terry Hills offers a banquet facility and restaurant, highlighting panoramic views of the course and an outdoor covered patio. Terry Hills specializes in golf outings, weddings, as well as corporate and private events.

For more information about Terry Hills Golf Course and Banquet Facility, please visit www.terryhills.com, or call the Pro Shop at (585) 343.0860.

Winter Happenings

Welcome to the Terry Hills blog! We bring you our first post on a day that is not exactly what anyone would have in mind as golfing weather, or weather condusive to any events, really. The balmy temperature outside reads 3 degrees, with a wind chill of -13. Western New York winters are notoriously harsh, but the cold spell and constant snow we've been experiencing here in Batavia over the last few weeks has us really anxious for Spring to come sooner than later. Temperatures above freezing, sunshine, the prospect of golf on the horizon.. any of the above would be preferable to the conditions of late.

IMG 7151

But it got us to thinking- in the midst of a frozen tundra, most of you probably think that because the golf course and restaurant are closed, we have nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs until the snow melts. Come on, admit it, you were thinking "What does a golf course do in the winter?" Contrary to popular belief that we're all just taking a glorious, 3-month long vacation to warmer climates, anxiously awaiting an April thaw, winter can be one of our busier seasons! The closing of course and restaurant give us a lot of time to work on various projects that we couldn't otherwise tackle in the hustle and bustle of our busy summer season.

First things first, to clear up any confusion: the Banquet Facility IS still open for Private Events of 30 or more! I know... shameless plug, but it has to be said! If you were wondering what we do from January-April, banquets make up a large chunk! Besides hosting Private Events, the winter months provide an opportunity to get a lot of maintenance and upkeep accomplished for the coming season. Cleaning, repainting, redecorating, fixing... it all has to be done, and what better time than now! We're also busy planning and strategizing for the 2015 year- from formulating marketing efforts, to hiring and training staff.

For the golf side of things, our Superintendent is also busy with course maintenance, or at least he was until the snow piled up... For now, there's plenty to do off of the fairways and greens, for example painting tee markers and signs, recovering flag sticks, servicing mowers, continuing education, and pesticide reporting to the NYSDEC. Who knew?!

Lastly, January and February are extremely busy months for wedding planning. Couples that got engaged from November and December (think: holidays!), and also all of the Valentine's Day engagements are now starting to hit the ground running with their planning, and one of the first steps is to secure a wedding venue! That's where we come in to play (duh!). We need to make sure we are available to those couples to give them tours of the facility, and sit down and talk with them about their dream weddings, which we obviously hope will be at Terry Hills! Shameless Plug #2.

With that all being said, we are crossing our fingers for a short winter, along with the majority of WNY residents. The arrival of golf couldn't come sooner, and we can't wait to return to our normalcy of seeing golfers, diners, and events in and out every day! Or hey, if Spring really is going to drag it's heels, at least give us a few days like this past Christmas Eve mixed in. We'll leave you with the good ol' days of 50 degrees, thawed snow, and most importantly, GOLF:IMG 6740

IMG 6743