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As a restaurant, we're often asked what our "best dish" is. In fact, just earlier this summer, the Batavia Daily News ran a feature on us in their "Signature Dish" column. It was a clear choice what ours would be: Seafood Bisque. 
Soup Trio 4

Pictured here (on left) as part of our Soup Trio

Almost as much as we love the Seafood Bisque itself, we love the story of how it came about. We wanted more than just the Daily News readers to learn about how our Executive Chef, Gene, put the recipe into motion. 

Gene has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, so he's seen and handled it all. About 20 years ago, working elsewhere, he was cooking the meal for a bridal shower, when the banquet coordinator alerted him that the party was ready for their soup. Not knowing there was supposed to be a soup course, Gene began to scramble to quite literally, throw one together. He had run a Seafood Newburg feature the night before, so he threw the seafood contents of it in a food processor, and used his very limited knowledge of bisque soups to whip it out. The guests from the bridal shower loved it, and Chef Gene's signature item was born. 

The funny part was, the Seafood Bisque wasn't even always on our regular menu. When our restaurant first opened in 2005, the bisque was available only on Friday nights as a feature. Our guests loved it so much, that we decided to give it a permanent home on our regular menu. And we've never looked back. 

We also offer the bisque on our weekly buffets- every Sunday on the Sunday Brunch lineup, and on Fridays as part of our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet. We never get tired of hearing customers rave about how much they love it, so why not give them a couple opportunities a week to fill up on as much bisque as their stomachs can hold. 

Now that Fall is upon us, and the colder months are here to stay, we're confident that our Seafood Bisque will be calling your name. Here's a quick reminder of when you can warm your heart, belly, and soul with the seafood-y, creamy goodness:

Monday-Tuesday: 11am-3pm
Wednesday-Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday: 11am-9pm (plus our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet 11:30am-1:30pm)
Sunday Brunch: 10am-2pm

Not a Seafood fan? Tell us your favorite soup and we'll be sure to include it in our Soup of the Day line-up soon! 


The long wait is finally over. Our Restaurant reopens on Monday, April 20th! It’s been a quiet, lonely few months without the operation of our restaurant, so we’re excited to once again serve you all the paninis, beef on wecks, fish fries, and whatever else your stomach desires! Mine is currently screaming Eggplant Parmesan Flatbread: breaded eggplant topped with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, Asiago and Romano cheeses served in a grilled flatbread... but I digress.


In the anticipation of our restaurant waking from its hibernation, we thought there would be no better employee to feature than the woman behind it all- our Restaurant & Banquet Manager: Danielle.

Danielle has worked in the golf course and restaurant business for over 17 years. She earned her business degree in Golf Club Management from SUNY Delhi and has been a Board Member of the Western New York Ladies Public Links for the past 7 years. She is a 2008 graduate of Leadership Genesee. Danielle oversees daily operations of the restaurant and coordinates banquets, parties, weddings and functions at our banquet facility… in other words: she does it all! And we’re not just talking Restaurant and Banquet Facility- Danielle is no stranger to the golf course either. 

She holds our 2013 and 2014 Ladies’ Club Championship titles, and our 2014 Women’s Match Play title! If you’re still not convinced that Danielle is the master of all trades, just take a peek at (virtually) any review ever written about Terry Hills. Here’s only a snippet of what our customers are saying about our Restaurant & Banquet Manager:

Danielle helped us out with the planning of almost our entire wedding and was a superstar the day of the event!”

Danielle coordinated the day of our dreams and we couldn't appreciate her incredible work any more!”

Danielle, I sincerely thank you for the perfect day. You’re amazing”
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See? If you weren’t going to take my word for it… there you have it- superstar! Booking your private event at Terry Hills ensures you’ll have an expert Event Planner helping you along the way! And just in case all of the above information wasn’t enough for you to get to know Danielle (plus, so many of you already do); we quizzed her a bit more on the important stuff:

Best meal you’ve ever made: Does a bowl of cereal count?

Favorite Food at Terry Hills:  Lunch: Pittsburgh Salad,   Dinner: Chicken Marilee

Least favorite or most challenging hole:  Hole 14 (Par 3, 147 yards)- Can’t hit a straight shot!

If you could travel to one destination, what would it be?  Ireland

Wine & Cheese or Beer & Pizza? Scotch & Chocolate! Or Wine & Cheese

(Speaking of Wine & Cheese- who is coming to our Spring Wine Dinner on May 7th?)

Favorite memory from your time at Terry Hills: Demolition Day  - October 2004 -  Taking the first swing with the backhoe through the old restaurant

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Crazy to see all that has changed over 10 short years, and excited to bring you even more fun changes this year! In addition to our Wine Dinner series, we'll have contests & giveaways, Patio Happy Hours, and more! 

Hope to see you Monday!