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Employee Spotlight: Blog Author

Every so often, we will be featuring one of our employees. We'd like for you to get to know them as well as we do. With our Restaurant and Golf Course currently closed however, the employee pickings were slim. 

So, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to author of the Terry Hills blog, Darcy. Now that we've been properly introduced, can I stop talking as a "we"? 

I am the Director of Marketing here at Terry Hills. I'm approaching my one year anniversary, and can't believe an entire year has gone by already.  Working for a seasonal business, you really come to understand the definition of that term. Seasonal Business: noun: A business that only operates during specific seasons, in which the operational seasons are so busy you can't think. Ok, so that's not the technical definition, but you get my point. When I first started, the Terry Hills veterans told me to hold on for the ride, and they were right! Summer and Fall flew by, and now here we are... Winter. I'm loving that with the day-to-day calmed down, I now have some time to exercise my creativity across various marketing projects, including this blog!

A little background on me: I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a minor in Graphics Production. I'm willing to tell everyone and anyone that fact about me because I have very strong pride as a Geneseo alumna. I started out in the workforce with a career in Sales & Marketing, followed by a stint as a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Dave, is a CPA and my son, Harrison, is a 2-year-old little ball of joy, curiosity, and the word "no". We live in the town of LeRoy, watch a lot of Mickey Mouse, and try to incorporate our deep-fryer in as many meals as possible.

IMG 6785

As the Director of Marketing, my job involves wearing a lot of hats- Webmaster, Social Media Coordinator, Event Planner, Graphic Designer, Account Manager, Donations Coordinator, etc and I love them all! I really enjoy the creativity my position allows me, from designing marketing materials and advertisements, to crafting up new events, to creating fun content for our social media profiles, to writing blog posts (that's the obvious one) and more!  Add in the fact that we are also a Banquet Facility and Restaurant and my hat line continues: Reservations Coordinator, Floor Manager, Banquet Server, and that list goes on too. It helps that I have 10 years of restaurant experience under my belt, working as a server and barista throughout high school and college, so when I am occasionally called upon to carry a tray full of dinner plates, it is just like riding a bike.  

A hat I don't wear, but wish I did: Golfer. It's not that I don't like golfing; it's that I just never have. I have taken a swing at the ball here and there, and regardless of my whiff rate of at least 50%, I actually enjoy the game when I do get out to play. Some of you will probably cringe at the fact that I have this amazing 27-hole championship course at my fingertips, and I've only played it once. What can I say? Between my skill level of zero, intimidation of those Par 5's (and Par 4's... who am I kidding?), and my lack of free time (much like the rest of us), this past golf season did not include very much golf at all. One of my job resolutions for 2015: get out on the course more than once! Here's hoping we get that chance sooner than later. Come on Spring!

Were you able to get out on our course as much as you liked last season, or like me, not nearly enough?


March Madness

It's our very own March Madness here at Terry Hills. With our Restaurant re-opening in a little over a month, and hopefully the course sooner than that, we are in crunch time. The term March Madness doesn't only apply to the NCAA basketball tournament...

This month, we are working on and fine-tuning some developments that will make our 2015 Season a great one:

  • New & Improved Communications

We want to be able to keep you in the loop about course updates and events, but even more so, we want to be able to keep you in the loop about what you're most interested in... golf specials & restaurant deals. So, we're adding to our Social Media repetiore to make it even easier for you to access us on your favorite social media outlet. In addition to our existing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google+ profiles, we'll be posting to Instagram and LinkedIn. Want to be one of the first to know about tee time specials, gift card giveaways, special events, freebies, and more? Then follow us! Choose from FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Google+, and/or Instagram. Hey, we'll even kick it off right now with our Spring Sale:

Buy 75 in Gift Cards 1

We are also excited about adding in some new communication technologies (yet to be announced) so stay tuned! 

  • Video Series

Talk about another form of social media: video. This season we'll be giving you a behind the scenes look at Terry Hills through our video series. From golf tips with our Head Golf Pro, to behind the scenes views of our kitchen, to a full scale look at our banquets & weddings, we want to bridge the gap from you to us. We thought it would be fun, informative, and interesting to let you come upclose and personal. Check out our Youtube Channel now! 

  • Restaurant Grand Re-Opening

With the restaurant reopening looming over us, we're constantly thinking of ways to make this grand reopening "grander" than ever! Stay tuned for news about our specials and news! 


In the true spirit of March Madness, we'll try to cut this post short so that we can get back to work on all of the above. We are truly looking forward to sharing a great 2015 season with you, and hope that you'll enjoy all of our efforts to do so! 

March Madness 2014

Speaking of March Madness: what team is your pick to take the title? 


Memorial Day

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday in a few days, we'd like to first start out by giving thanks and remembrance to those that have lost their lives in the line of duty to our country. Words can never fully express our gratitude to these men & women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
IMG 0519

As a country, in order to remember these members of our country's armed forces, and recognize their bravery and selflessness, we celebrate Memorial Day. In addition to paying respects to fallen service members, Memorial Day typically also marks the official start of summer. For those of us here in WNY where summer can be long in coming, the arrival of Memorial Day is never taken for granted. Even if the weather is (still) not cooperating, the mere thought that summer is on it's way is enough to bring on celebrations, cook-outs, and for us, golf. 

The 3-day weekend over Memorial Day gives golfers plenty of opportunities to get in a round, or two, or three. Meaning for us and them, a crowded course. We know for certain that golfers fare better here, where there are 27-holes to spread out the traffic, as opposed to standard 18-hole courses. However, we'd still like to offer a few pointers to keep in mind for a more enjoyable paced round this busy Memorial Day Weekend:

1. TeeitForward
TeeitForward FINALARTWORK 640x360
In partnership with the PGA, we've introduced the TeeitForward program to our tee boxes. Look for the orange tees, which allow you to move your ball up, hit easier clubs, play faster, and have more fun! 

2. Playing faster doesn't mean rushing

No one wants to be rushed, so simply being ready to play when it's your turn can go a long way! 

3. Continuous Putting

Keep putting until the ball is holed, as long as you are able to do so without interrupting someone's line, or taking too much time to read the line yourself. 

4. Take Your Clubs

Take 2, or 3, clubs with you around the green. You may need to play a different shot than anticipated.

5. Avoid "Caravan" Golf

There is no need for all 4 golfers to gather to watch one player hit their shot. 

6. Drop your Partner

Drop your partner off at their ball, then proceed to yours and prepare to hit. If you hit the shorter ball, let your partner take the cart after getting your clubs. 
slow golfers

If your mind wasn't just made to book a tee time this holiday weekend, here's an extra little nudge....

Book your tee time after 12pm all weekend, and pay only $30 for 18 Holes w/ Cart! The nice part about Memorial Day Weekend not quite falling in the summer season is that summer rates have not yet begun. Which is great news for you- some of the best course conditions of the year, with some of the best prices of the year! Remember to book your tee time as soon as possible.

Hope to see you on the course this weekend. But if not, enjoy your Memorial Day!


Spring Wedding Trends

With the coming of spring, Wedding Season is nearly upon us! I for one love our Wedding Season, to be able to catch a glimpse of the excitement that is constantly in the air from our latest brides-and-grooms-to-be. It’s inspiring to see each couple’s unique style and décor in action, and to see all the different ways our banquet room transforms from one event to the next!

Spring is a fun, fresh season to get married in and we love the fun trends we’re seeing for this spring:


IMG 1461

Blue hydrangeas are the perfect pastel flower, and we love how this arrangement uses some greenery to make it more Springy! 

Naked Cakes

IMG 1436

Naked cakes are becoming more and more popular for this year's weddings. This cake display is perfection with fruit embellishments and lantern accents!


Lace Everything

IMG 1722

Lace is the staple fabric for 2015 and you really can't go wrong- it's soft, whimsical, and elegant. 


What wedding trends are you loving for 2015?

Superintendent Spotlight and Course News (that you've been waiting for)

We thought it was appropriate to introduce you to our Superintendent on the eve of the first nice weather of the year. Say hello to our course Superintendent, Thad. He’s the main reason why we’re able to claim our public course has “Country Club conditions”. We often hear that our course is the first to dry up after a major rainfall, or unfortunately, after winters like these. Of course it’s all true, with all the credit going to Thad and his grounds crew.

Thad graduated from the Turf Management Program at SUNY Delhi and has been employed in the golf course industry since 1989. He is a member of the New York State Turfgrass Association and has been an active member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) for over 14 years. He is also a board member of the Western New York Golf Course Superintendent's Association (WNYGCSA). Thad is responsible for all phases of Golf Management and Agronomic operations, cost control, and grounds crew personnel. Thad is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Genesee.

Thad was also a cornerstone participant in this past November's #NoShaveTerryHills campaign. We had fun watching him itch his way through the month, growing out both his beard and his hair for charity!

IMG 6442This November, we're adding in a twist where our fans can vote for which look stays: #baldThad or #hairyThad. 

Only kidding. 

Enough with the boring details, here’s a little fun insight on him:

Favorite Hole to play at Terry Hills?

16 – it’s the hardest par 4 on the course.

Outside of golf, what is your favorite hobby?



Vanilla or Chocolate? Burger or Hot Dog?

Neither vanilla nor chocolate, don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I’ll take a burger anytime.

Celebrity you dislike most:

Kim Kardashian

Biggest challenge you face for the upcoming season?

Providing conditions that everyone expects

Thad says he’s poised and ready to go working on golf course accessories, and getting the course into playable condition. For those of you reading this hoping for an update on the course’s status, thanks for sticking through til the end!

We'll be open Friday, April 3rd for Walking Only! Past that, it's TBD. Don't you just love WNY weather? Close to 70 degrees one day, two days later a snow storm. We will be sure to keep you posted in more ways than one what the status of the course is, and when we'll be open past this weekend! Tee times are filling up quickly for Friday, so make yours before you miss it.

Finally, if you're ever curious about what goes on behind the scenes with our Maintenance Department, follow @terryhillsmaint or @terryhillsny on Twitter! Thad tweets (and we retweet) some great shots of himself knee deep in water, and other various tasks required of him to maintain the course. For example, here's a look at our famous horseshoe hole 14 from the eyes of the Superintendent: 


Pumping to clear snow and ice


Fishing balls out, what else? 


In all seriousness, #baldThad or #hairyThad? 

Wine, Wine & More Wine!

Now that the restaurant is in full swing for the season, the exciting, special events we have to offer are endless!

Coming up tomorrow is our 2nd-ever Wine Dinner, appropriately named "Taste of Spring", as it falls in the first week of May. Our first Wine Dinner was held last November, so we went with a "Harvest" theme. Tables decked with gourds and squash, rustic Fall colors, and a hearty menu accented by Fall flavors made for a great evening of wine and food.

IMG 1990

We were pleased to partner with some local New York State food producers to add in an element of "eat local" as well. We featured food products from Yancey's Fancy, Deb's Bakery, & Harrington's Produce- all of which are Genesee County natives, plus Wine Ice Cream from Northern New York-based Mercer's. This wine dinner was such a hit, that we wanted to keep a similar format going forward for our second time around.

Our Taste of Spring Wine Dinner will highlight 5 courses, all of which are expertly-paired with their own wine. In keeping with the "Spring" theme, we chose a lighter, more delicate menu than what was served in the fall, and of course 5 new wines. We made sure not to repeat any wines for those dual-offender diners. We also, again, wanted to feature some local favorites, so we'll start off the evening with a cheese course provided by Yancey's Fancy, and finish with a delectable dessert from Buttercrumb's Bakery in Corfu.
spring wine menu

We are suckers for a theme, so in going forward, we'd love to plan each of our wine dinners around a particular theme. And luckily, this world has a lot of different wines, so the theme possibilities are endless:  NYS Wines, Italian Wines, All Reds, All Whites... and let's not stop there. We're also toying with the ideas of a Bourbon Tasting, a Craft Beer Tasting, and so on. Feel free to let us know what theme you'd like to see for our future spirits dinners!

If you don't have reservations for tomorrow night's wine dinner, there is still time and room.. albeit both are limited. Give us a call as soon as possible to make a reservation, or simply keep it in mind for this autumn when we host our next one! 




Winter Happenings

Welcome to the Terry Hills blog! We bring you our first post on a day that is not exactly what anyone would have in mind as golfing weather, or weather condusive to any events, really. The balmy temperature outside reads 3 degrees, with a wind chill of -13. Western New York winters are notoriously harsh, but the cold spell and constant snow we've been experiencing here in Batavia over the last few weeks has us really anxious for Spring to come sooner than later. Temperatures above freezing, sunshine, the prospect of golf on the horizon.. any of the above would be preferable to the conditions of late.

IMG 7151

But it got us to thinking- in the midst of a frozen tundra, most of you probably think that because the golf course and restaurant are closed, we have nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs until the snow melts. Come on, admit it, you were thinking "What does a golf course do in the winter?" Contrary to popular belief that we're all just taking a glorious, 3-month long vacation to warmer climates, anxiously awaiting an April thaw, winter can be one of our busier seasons! The closing of course and restaurant give us a lot of time to work on various projects that we couldn't otherwise tackle in the hustle and bustle of our busy summer season.

First things first, to clear up any confusion: the Banquet Facility IS still open for Private Events of 30 or more! I know... shameless plug, but it has to be said! If you were wondering what we do from January-April, banquets make up a large chunk! Besides hosting Private Events, the winter months provide an opportunity to get a lot of maintenance and upkeep accomplished for the coming season. Cleaning, repainting, redecorating, fixing... it all has to be done, and what better time than now! We're also busy planning and strategizing for the 2015 year- from formulating marketing efforts, to hiring and training staff.

For the golf side of things, our Superintendent is also busy with course maintenance, or at least he was until the snow piled up... For now, there's plenty to do off of the fairways and greens, for example painting tee markers and signs, recovering flag sticks, servicing mowers, continuing education, and pesticide reporting to the NYSDEC. Who knew?!

Lastly, January and February are extremely busy months for wedding planning. Couples that got engaged from November and December (think: holidays!), and also all of the Valentine's Day engagements are now starting to hit the ground running with their planning, and one of the first steps is to secure a wedding venue! That's where we come in to play (duh!). We need to make sure we are available to those couples to give them tours of the facility, and sit down and talk with them about their dream weddings, which we obviously hope will be at Terry Hills! Shameless Plug #2.

With that all being said, we are crossing our fingers for a short winter, along with the majority of WNY residents. The arrival of golf couldn't come sooner, and we can't wait to return to our normalcy of seeing golfers, diners, and events in and out every day! Or hey, if Spring really is going to drag it's heels, at least give us a few days like this past Christmas Eve mixed in. We'll leave you with the good ol' days of 50 degrees, thawed snow, and most importantly, GOLF:IMG 6740

IMG 6743