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May Course Update

It’s now mid-May, which means the course has been back in action for a little over a month. As the grounds crew is gearing up for a heavy Tournament season (our first was Tuesday!), there’s been a lot of activity. Obviously, there’s the daily maintenance like mowing greens, mowing rough, changing cups, raking bunkers, filling divots on tees and collecting garbage. We’ve also had to tackle some larger jobs thus far:

1. Tree Removal

Since the start of this season, we’ve removed approximately 70 trees. With the stumps ground, these vacant areas are now seeded and ready to grow grass. The major impetus for all this tree removal was overcrowding on the course. These select spots of turf needed more sunlight and air movement.
IMG 8084IMG 8085
Crazy to think that the 70 removed trees won’t really even make a dent on our total tree count! Don’t worry- those traditional tree-lined fairways you love so much will not be affected.

2. Irrigation

Just last week, Thad made two major breaks to the irrigation line in the middle of 2nd fairway, shown below:


Take a look at the 2nd fairway now, only a week later, and you wouldn't even be able to tell where the digging had occurred! Seriously, we'd bet on it! 

3. Bunkers

The bunkers are more of an ongoing project for the 2015 season, not something we’ve tackled yet. However, it’s been a little bit since the bunkers have received some serious TLC, so that’s on the horizon for us. Adding sand, and evaluating each bunker individually to address their maintenance needs will really go a long way into getting our bunkers, and the course as a whole, into tip-top shape. 

If you're in agreement that Thad and his crew have been hard at work in order to make our playing conditions exceptional, then please take a second to vote for us in the BuffaloGolfer.com poll for Best Public Course in WNY: http://wp.me/p20nYT-34L. We really appreciate it! 



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