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Bisque Bragging

As a restaurant, we're often asked what our "best dish" is. In fact, just earlier this summer, the Batavia Daily News ran a feature on us in their "Signature Dish" column. It was a clear choice what ours would be: Seafood Bisque. 
Soup Trio 4

Pictured here (on left) as part of our Soup Trio

Almost as much as we love the Seafood Bisque itself, we love the story of how it came about. We wanted more than just the Daily News readers to learn about how our Executive Chef, Gene, put the recipe into motion. 

Gene has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, so he's seen and handled it all. About 20 years ago, working elsewhere, he was cooking the meal for a bridal shower, when the banquet coordinator alerted him that the party was ready for their soup. Not knowing there was supposed to be a soup course, Gene began to scramble to quite literally, throw one together. He had run a Seafood Newburg feature the night before, so he threw the seafood contents of it in a food processor, and used his very limited knowledge of bisque soups to whip it out. The guests from the bridal shower loved it, and Chef Gene's signature item was born. 

The funny part was, the Seafood Bisque wasn't even always on our regular menu. When our restaurant first opened in 2005, the bisque was available only on Friday nights as a feature. Our guests loved it so much, that we decided to give it a permanent home on our regular menu. And we've never looked back. 

We also offer the bisque on our weekly buffets- every Sunday on the Sunday Brunch lineup, and on Fridays as part of our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet. We never get tired of hearing customers rave about how much they love it, so why not give them a couple opportunities a week to fill up on as much bisque as their stomachs can hold. 

Now that Fall is upon us, and the colder months are here to stay, we're confident that our Seafood Bisque will be calling your name. Here's a quick reminder of when you can warm your heart, belly, and soul with the seafood-y, creamy goodness:

Monday-Tuesday: 11am-3pm
Wednesday-Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday: 11am-9pm (plus our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet 11:30am-1:30pm)
Sunday Brunch: 10am-2pm

Not a Seafood fan? Tell us your favorite soup and we'll be sure to include it in our Soup of the Day line-up soon! 


BTS (Behind the Scenes) of the Wine Dinner

This Wednesday, May 11th prepare to be Wined and Dined. That is, if you are coming to our Taste of Spring Wine Dinner. It’s the fourth installment in our Wine Dinner series, where we’ve paired 5 unique tastings courses with 5 great wines.
taste of spring 1

If you’re a wine lover, than this event is a no-brainer. Even if you’re not huge on wine, the meal itself is worth coming for.  From encrusted Chilean seabass, creamy orzo risotto, baked oysters blue, jerk chicken, jicama watermelon salad, dark chocolate red wine cake, and more, it’s a foodie’s dream.
Photo Oct 07 1 46 17 PM

Photo Oct 07 1 31 57 PM

Photo Oct 07 1 45 20 PM

Sometimes even more fun than the dinner itself, are the preparations. Today we’re here to take you behind the scenes of one of our wine dinners, to learn what really goes into the making of a 5 course wine and food pairing.

1. Brainstorm the menu.

It’s like the age old question: what came first- the chicken or the egg? Same goes here. What comes first – the food or the wines?

Really, it can be either. Letting the dishes dictate the wine is the conventional order, and the way we went about it this time. On the docket is the reversal. Choosing wines first and the food second. That way, you know you are starting with exceptional stand-alone wines, and you can enhance them even more with the right menu.

2. Choose a Theme – Or Not.

Before finalizing the menu, we needed to decide on a theme, or lack thereof. We toyed with the idea of a regionally-focused menu, like an all-Italian meal, or an “Around the World” tasting. The other factor in play is the wines. All reds? All whites? All NYS Wines? In the end, we chose a “Spring” theme: featuring fresh, Spring ingredients & flavors.
Photo Apr 28 3 48 49 PM

Even the dessert went green for Spring

3. Pair Everything.

This is easily, our favorite part. We too, eat our way through 5 courses, and drink our way numerous wines. It’s easy for a robust, dry red to taste like water with the wrong dish. That’s why it’s important to have a wide variety of wines to sample with each course, so that we know we are choosing the best possible pairing. But, a sip here and a sip there add up, so we make sure to drink responsibly (this is part of the work day, afterall).

IMG 7506 1

So much wine, so little time 


Photo Oct 07 1 32 03 PM

Wine Print Outs - it's a very technical process 

4. Wow the Guests.

This one is obvious. You probably know that when you sign on for a 5 course meal, it won’t just be your typical dinner. But we really want to make sure of it. New flavors, unique dishes, complex wines, outstanding service, great company, and relaxing ambiance. Not to mention that since each dinner has its own menu, this truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Photo Oct 07 1 12 20 PM
Photo Oct 07 1 11 44 PM

Are you sold yet? We hope so. Seating for Wednesday night’s Taste of Spring Wine Dinner is very limited , so call 585.343.0642 to reserve a spot! 

Dishing Out Lunch, Dinner, and about our Banquet Manager

The long wait is finally over. Our Restaurant reopens on Monday, April 20th! It’s been a quiet, lonely few months without the operation of our restaurant, so we’re excited to once again serve you all the paninis, beef on wecks, fish fries, and whatever else your stomach desires! Mine is currently screaming Eggplant Parmesan Flatbread: breaded eggplant topped with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, Asiago and Romano cheeses served in a grilled flatbread... but I digress.


In the anticipation of our restaurant waking from its hibernation, we thought there would be no better employee to feature than the woman behind it all- our Restaurant & Banquet Manager: Danielle.

Danielle has worked in the golf course and restaurant business for over 17 years. She earned her business degree in Golf Club Management from SUNY Delhi and has been a Board Member of the Western New York Ladies Public Links for the past 7 years. She is a 2008 graduate of Leadership Genesee. Danielle oversees daily operations of the restaurant and coordinates banquets, parties, weddings and functions at our banquet facility… in other words: she does it all! And we’re not just talking Restaurant and Banquet Facility- Danielle is no stranger to the golf course either. 

She holds our 2013 and 2014 Ladies’ Club Championship titles, and our 2014 Women’s Match Play title! If you’re still not convinced that Danielle is the master of all trades, just take a peek at (virtually) any review ever written about Terry Hills. Here’s only a snippet of what our customers are saying about our Restaurant & Banquet Manager:

Danielle helped us out with the planning of almost our entire wedding and was a superstar the day of the event!”

Danielle coordinated the day of our dreams and we couldn't appreciate her incredible work any more!”

Danielle, I sincerely thank you for the perfect day. You’re amazing”
10630708 10203587684990794 166677952438332087 o

See? If you weren’t going to take my word for it… there you have it- superstar! Booking your private event at Terry Hills ensures you’ll have an expert Event Planner helping you along the way! And just in case all of the above information wasn’t enough for you to get to know Danielle (plus, so many of you already do); we quizzed her a bit more on the important stuff:

Best meal you’ve ever made: Does a bowl of cereal count?

Favorite Food at Terry Hills:  Lunch: Pittsburgh Salad,   Dinner: Chicken Marilee

Least favorite or most challenging hole:  Hole 14 (Par 3, 147 yards)- Can’t hit a straight shot!

If you could travel to one destination, what would it be?  Ireland

Wine & Cheese or Beer & Pizza? Scotch & Chocolate! Or Wine & Cheese

(Speaking of Wine & Cheese- who is coming to our Spring Wine Dinner on May 7th?)

Favorite memory from your time at Terry Hills: Demolition Day  - October 2004 -  Taking the first swing with the backhoe through the old restaurant

27934 615153971518 791317372 n

Crazy to see all that has changed over 10 short years, and excited to bring you even more fun changes this year! In addition to our Wine Dinner series, we'll have contests & giveaways, Patio Happy Hours, and more! 

Hope to see you Monday! 

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! However you plan to celebrate our nation’s independence, and a long summer weekend, make sure you think of Terry Hills.


We do realize that for all intents and purposes, the holiday will be acknowledged on July 3rd, since the 4th is a Saturday. With banks, government offices, and business of all types being closed on the 3rd, we didn’t want to disappoint. Come celebrate your day off with us and golf on July 3rd, and pay normal weekday rates for your round! Unlike other courses taking advantage of the holiday being considered the 3rdand hiking up their rates, we wanted to help celebrate the right way- with perfect golf conditions and low rates!

That’s not even all of it. Can’t make it out on the course Friday? We’ll be running specials for both Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th, too! Play 18 holes after 11:30am either day for only $35! You can’t beat that deal on a holiday weekend!


Like our golf course, we did not want to disappoint when it came to the restaurant either. For certain government holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, we do close the restaurant. But we thought it would be nice for our customers to come enjoy a beautiful summer day off by dining on our patio. So we’ll still be offering our Friday Quick Lunch Buffet, from 11:30am-1:30pm, as well as our Friday night dinner specialties: mouth-watering Prime Rib, and Beer Battered fresh Fish Fries. Leave the cook-outs for the weekend, and let us do the cooking Friday.
Mini Golf

Let’s not forget the Mini Golf! The mini course is now open and better than ever- with brand new putting greens!

IMG 8727

If you are looking for a fun activity for the whole family over the holiday weekend, and don’t want to break the bank, Mini Golf is perfect! Bring the whole family for 18 holes of affordable fun!

With the long weekend, you could very well be traveling, so we wish you a great weekend and safe travels! But if you are sticking around this 4th of July, we hope to see you! 
cartoon fireworksOh, and enjoy the Fireworks!

March Madness

It's our very own March Madness here at Terry Hills. With our Restaurant re-opening in a little over a month, and hopefully the course sooner than that, we are in crunch time. The term March Madness doesn't only apply to the NCAA basketball tournament...

This month, we are working on and fine-tuning some developments that will make our 2015 Season a great one:

  • New & Improved Communications

We want to be able to keep you in the loop about course updates and events, but even more so, we want to be able to keep you in the loop about what you're most interested in... golf specials & restaurant deals. So, we're adding to our Social Media repetiore to make it even easier for you to access us on your favorite social media outlet. In addition to our existing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google+ profiles, we'll be posting to Instagram and LinkedIn. Want to be one of the first to know about tee time specials, gift card giveaways, special events, freebies, and more? Then follow us! Choose from FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Google+, and/or Instagram. Hey, we'll even kick it off right now with our Spring Sale:

Buy 75 in Gift Cards 1

We are also excited about adding in some new communication technologies (yet to be announced) so stay tuned! 

  • Video Series

Talk about another form of social media: video. This season we'll be giving you a behind the scenes look at Terry Hills through our video series. From golf tips with our Head Golf Pro, to behind the scenes views of our kitchen, to a full scale look at our banquets & weddings, we want to bridge the gap from you to us. We thought it would be fun, informative, and interesting to let you come upclose and personal. Check out our Youtube Channel now! 

  • Restaurant Grand Re-Opening

With the restaurant reopening looming over us, we're constantly thinking of ways to make this grand reopening "grander" than ever! Stay tuned for news about our specials and news! 


In the true spirit of March Madness, we'll try to cut this post short so that we can get back to work on all of the above. We are truly looking forward to sharing a great 2015 season with you, and hope that you'll enjoy all of our efforts to do so! 

March Madness 2014

Speaking of March Madness: what team is your pick to take the title? 


Office Party Winners!

When this season was first starting out, we tried to think of ways to start it off with a bang.

Golf was easy- our course is always one of the first to dry up after winter (and what a long winter it was), so golfers were flocking to our 9’s to play on some of the best early-April conditions around.

Our Restaurant & Banquet Facility are a little trickier, and usually require a larger window after we open to really get into full swing. We had the realization that since our new clubhouse was built in 2005, we have approached our 10 year anniversary. That alone was enough of an impetus to celebrate, and put some new exciting initiatives into place. That also got us thinking though, that after 10 great years of business, we really do owe it to our amazing customers to give back.

We decided we would run a contest to give away an Office Party.

The response we got was much more than we anticipated. Hundreds of businesses entered to win.

With such an overwhelming response, we couldn’t hold out on everyone and only give away just the one. As part of our 10th anniversary bang, we decided to offer up not just one, but FIVE office parties!

The lucky winners are:

5th Place: Oxbo

4th Place: Crossroads House

3rd Place: Rochester Business Alliance

2nd Place: Milton CAT

And a drumroll please for our 1st Place Grand Prize Winner: College at Brockport Alumni Relations!

Winners will be notified of their parties via email. If you entered our contest and were not chosen as a winner, don’t worry! We still have a way for you to become the office hero:

office stats 1

Again, thank you to all of our entrants and for your interest in Terry Hills! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask or comment below!